The First Annual Marty Hike Was a Success!

We would like to say Thank you to everyone who came out to the First Annual Marty Hike to honor Ruffner's most beloved naturalist, Marty Schulman. We had a blast hiking, taking in the best view in Birmingham, and of course, listening to Marty share a story or two...or ten. Special thanks to Western Market Mountain Brook, The Alabama Wildflower Society (Ida Gleaton, Charles Gleaton, Alicia Hall, Ken Hall, Bob Yuill, Susan Hammack, Barbara Mullins, Adam Johnson, and especially Linda Schulman), Mountain High Outfitters, Trader Joe's, Fresh Market, Sprouts, Rush Wines, and International Wine for making this event a reality, and a magical one at that. See you next year for Marty Hike numero dos!