At some point in the past few days you may have come across clumps or strands of hair on the Ridge Valley Trail or the Crusher Trail. In fact, a number of you called or messaged us online wondering about this probably very weird-seeming occurrence and we appreciate your concern. So, what’s the deal? Well, last week Fresh Air Family held their “Prepared Not Scared” summer camp at Ruffner Mountain. Attendees picked up a whole slew of survival skills for the wild and for life, one of which was tracking, and in particular, tracking Bigfoot! Of course, we all know that Bigfoot sheds during the summer, hence the hair on the trail. So if you see any, don’t be alarmed. There is neither danger nor Bigfoot lurking over the next berm. We actually just discovered today how hairy things had gotten and we’re working to clean it up asap. In the meantime, enjoy the trails!