Annual Ruffner Road Cleanup, October 6, 2017

Ruffner's Old Truck.jpg

*UPDATE* Thank you to the City of Irondale Public Works for jumping in and helping us pick up trash bags along Ruffner Road tomorrow!

Ruffner couldn’t be more excited for tomorrow’s annual Ruffner Road cleanup, one that will be made all the more special by students from the Alabama School of Fine Arts joining us for the work day! There’s just one small problem.

A few months ago, Ruffner’s beloved work truck went out of commission due to a cracked engine block (a problem not easily fixed, if at all). Which means that since that time, Ruffner has been without a utility vehicle of any kind, something that is absolutely crucial to work on the mountain and at outlying areas, like East Side Park and Ruffner Road.

There’s no other way to slice it—we have to have a truck in order to maintain trails on the mountain, clean up trash and debris, haul heavy tools and equipment to project sites, and much, much more. We have made a few asks of local auto dealerships, but with little luck thus far.

If you or someone you know has a truck that could be donated for use by the Ruffner Mountain Nature Coalition, we would be more than grateful such a gift. And if you have a truck to donate by tomorrow’s Ruffner Road Cleanup, all the better.

As a privately held nonprofit, we rely on membership, donations, and grant funding to operate and carry out conservation projects. It is our hope that someone out there, an individual or company, can donate a truck to further the work of conservation and the preservation of green space, streams, and wildlife. Please give us a call or message us if you, or someone you know, can.

We are so grateful for the constant support we receive from the communities surrounding Ruffner every day. Help us to preserve our natural resources so that they are not only protected, but thrive for all the generations to come.