American green tree frog

The American green tree frog (Hyla cinerea), also known as the "rain frog" due to its penchant for calling during damp weather, and the "cowbell frog" (as its call sometimes can sound bell-like from a distance) can be found all over the southeastern United States, its color ranging from dark green to bright yellow. Green tree frogs prefer wet or moist areas such as swamps, lake sides, and edges of streams. You may even find one in your backyard swimming pool! These little guys are insectivores, which means they are crucial in controlling insect populations, mosquitoes especially. As summer kicks in to high gear you can thank them for keeping the blood-sucking hordes at bay (though mosquitoes are just as important to the ecology and biodiversity of Alabama and beyond). Thanks to the rain frog, the cowbell frog, the green tree frog!