Kristi Headshot.jpg

Kristi Houk, Communications Coordinator

We’re a wild bunch here on the mountain, so somebody’s got to keep us all in line, and Kristi does just that. With a sharp eye for detail and an easygoing demeanor, Kristi is an all-office ally—especially when you forget to clock in at the beginning of the day. Kristi holds a B.A. in Creative Writing from UAB and is a sometime poet. Since she lives just down the street from the Ruffner Mountain Nature Center, with her husband and their daughter, Georgia, Kristi finds much of her inspiration in the beauty and solitude of the mountain. A consummate Le Croix connoisseur, Kristi enjoys all flavors of the effervescent beverage save Coconut, which she describes as “sunscreeny.” As Ruffner’s resident rock and roller and music aficionado, Kristi puts the “rock” back into Ruffner Mountain.