Carl Sloan, Naturalist

I once heard someone describe Carl as “salty”, and if anything, he is that. With a natural instinct and love for the wilderness that is slowly going the way of the buffalo, Carl is a wellspring of knowledge and skill in the realm of nature, biology, geology, and archaeology. For years, he taught Biology at Birmingham-Southern College, and currently he is a professor of Biology at Jefferson State Community College. One of Carl’s favorite of many hobbies is collecting fossils. You could call him a “fossil hunter”, and many of the fossils and artifacts at the Ruffner Mountain Nature Center were uncovered and excavated by the Salty Dog himself. Carl has an actual dog named Ginger. Carl does not Tweet. Really, he distrusts that sort of thing. What he does trust is real connection—between humans and between humans and the natural world. We couldn’t ask for a better naturalist to help navigate our crew into a healthier, greener future.