Longleaf Pine Reforestation


Montane Longleaf Pine Management Areas

Overall Goal: Maintain Longleaf Pine ecosystem


  1. Plant longleaf pine plugs

  2. Prescribed burn management

  3. Remove invasives or understory as needed

  4. Plant and maintain LLP ecosystem understory/herbaceous plants

Since 2007, Ruffner Mountain has made efforts to preserve and propagate longleaf pine (Pinus palustris) on its property. Beginning at the oldest remaining longleaf pine on the mountain, near Mine #4, we removed invasive plant species within and near the longleaf pine plot, including Japanese honeysuckle (Lonicera japonicum) and mimosa (Albizia julibrizzin). Methods for invasive removal include the use of hand tools and hand pulling, as well as cut-and-spray methods.

Currently, six longleaf pine plots are situated at disparate points across the mountain, from the Wetlands, on the southeast side of the mountain, to the Possum Loop trail, to the northeast. They include:

LLP Plot 1: Longleaf Pine plot - Near Mine #4
LLP Plot 2: Longleaf Pine plot - Quarry Trail
LLP Plot 3: Longleaf Pine plot - Possum Loop Trail
LLP Plot 4: Longleaf Pine plot - Buckeye Trail
LLP Plot 5: Longleaf Pine plot - Near Sandstone Ridge and Wetlands
LLP Plot 6: Longleaf Pine plot - Near Crusher Trail/ Mine #3


See additional photos of longleaf pine Plot No. 4 below.