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Habitat Garden Club

April showers bring May flowers -- and weeds! In the month of May, Habitat Garden Club will work in the rain garden on Tuesdays from 9 until noon.

A rain garden, essentially, is a miniature watershed system. The anatomy of a rain garden includes a spillway, a basin, and a berm. Capturing runoff from hard surfaces, the garden is designed to slow the flow and allow rain to be absorbed into the ground close to where it falls.

Habitat Garden Club will be working around mature plantings, weeding out the invasive species, cull the overgrown, and adding in more flowers to enhance the established garden. Join us and discover how to create your own rain garden. You'll be eco-smart and water-wise!

A completed waiver is required for all volunteers. Please complete one online by selecting the button below, or be prepared to complete one in-person upon arrival.