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Habitat Garden Club at Ruffner

Join us as we prep our native plant education garden sites for new plantings and the beginning of spring. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the wildlife benefits of native plants while sharpening your gardening skills!

The native plant education gardens will enhance the aesthetics of the Nature Center and surrounding area while demonstrating the geology and ecology of the mountain, for both visitors and local schools. By evoking a sense of place and history these gardens will provide hands-on knowledge about the native plant communities and forest types on the mountain.

Where: the round-a-bout (chert circle), and the triangle median (limestone triangle)


  • pulling weeds

  • digging and potting up plants to transplant

  • pruning and cutting back plants

  • site cleanup

What to Bring:

  • gloves

  • hat

  • appropriate shoes and clothes

  • water and snacks

  • *hand tools

  • shovel

  • sunscreen

We hope to see you there!

*If you don't have tools of your own to bring, we will be able to provide some tools.