Alabama Folklife Association Presents: Cherokee Leaf Pounding Workshop

  • Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve

The Alabama Folklife Association is pleased to offer a Cherokee Leaf Pounding workshop at Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve. The instructor is TBA. Carrying on the tradition of National Endowment for the Arts National Heritage Fellow, Bettye Kimbrell, AFA is pleased to be able to provide these workshops. We will be pounding away on The Back Porch, shaded by the pavilion while enjoying the surrounding woods and gardens. In accordance with federal laws, AFA events are held at facilities that meet ADA. If you need any specialized accommodations for other disabilities, please contact the AFA via email: or phone 205.956.9888. You do not need experience to enjoy the morning, but you do need to bring some supplies. Refreshments will be provided. We would like to thank the Daniel Foundation of Alabama and the Alabama State Council on the Arts for making this event possible.


Bring your own supplies:

  • A wooden cutting board with a smooth surface --not the other kind-wooden and smooth

  • 4 or 5 leaves (do not take from the park)

  • 100% COTTON material, preferably MUSLIN, but MUST be 100% cotton

  • Small hammer with a smooth-faced head

  • Wide masking tape

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