Reid Robertson, Conservation Technician

Reid is a native of Hoover, Alabama and a lifelong kayaker (He fancies himself an “old-timer” when it comes to the kayak and his time in the water). He is excellent at what he does because he holds a deep appreciation for the natural world, its ways, and wilderness of all kinds. As a baby, his parents would place him in his playpen outside at their lake house so he would stare up and watch the wind blow through the magnolia leaves. This was the beginning of a lifelong love of being outside, in the wild. Later, he would spend hours in the woods and fields around his home, going on “adventures”, as he called them (he says he's worn out more shoes than anyone he knows). The epochal moment in Reid’s life came at the age of 9, when he saw someone practicing rolling their kayak for hours on end. Later that day, he would successfully flip his own kayak first try. Just a few years after that he would begin kayaking competitively. Reid's passion – after kayaking, of course – is construction and hardscaping with the best building materials he can find. Over the years he’s developed a deep familiarity and skill with building materials of all kinds, and he brings every bit of this experience to bear at Ruffner. Most days you can find him outside on the mountain, among the flora and fauna, making Ruffner a safer and better place for each and every one of us.