Jon Woolley, Conservation Design Manager

Raised on a family farm in Sterrett, AL, Jon received his Jefferson County Master Gardener Certification in 2007, no small feat. After receiving an Interdisciplinary degree in Political Science, Global Economics, and Applied Anthropology from UAB in 2009, he went on to conduct four years of research and grant writing at Jones Valley Urban Farm. Jon possesses an artist’s eye and mathematician’s sense of order, working as a Garden Designer and Farm Manager for a variety of public and private gardens in Birmingham AL, Boulder CO, and Asheville NC. Luckily for us, he brings all of this experience to bear at Ruffner Mountain, not to mention his seven years of applied research in the fields of Organic Farming, Animal Husbandry, Permaculture Design and Biophilic Design. The next time you’re at Ruffner you may catch a straw-hatted figure watering the plants, building a wattle fence, planting native plants, or working on a sketch for a new garden design. That’s Jon. Drawing, planting, designing, and always envisioning a more vital, verdant Ruffner Mountain.