Jared McGukin, Graphic Designer

Jared is a true creative at heart. Artistry and creativity have been a part of his life since childhood, when he drew Disney characters straight from the VHS artwork of his favorite Disney films. (That Lion King artwork might as well be a Rembrandt.) Jared started "designing" his first logos for imaginary companies in middle school. The quality of his work heightened dramatically when he received his very first Apple computer (like your first car, your first kiss, your first Chipotle) and a copy of Adobe Photoshop. Since then he has learned how to be a self-starter and autodidact. One thing we really love about Jared is that he truly cares about giving people the best product to work with no matter what their work happens to be. Jump forward, and he has now been designing for over ten years, working on a plethora of different design projects, from movie key art to lawn care businesses. At Ruffner, Jared continues his noble quest to improve and evolve into the best creative thinker he can be. Just look at our new logo!