Chivon Morse, Operations Manager/ Wildlife Curator

With more than 15 years’ experience managing exotic and native animal collections, Chivon is more than qualified to take care of all of our wildlife here at Ruffner, while documenting and tracking the wildlife that is...well, in the wild. So it makes sense that she loves skeletal anatomy, right?. In fact, she loves it so much that every year she makes her own papier mâché animal skulls for the local Day of the Dead festival (Who doesn’t?). Chivon is passionate about wildlife, so her primary mission at Ruffner is to promote awareness of the importance of wildlife and biodiversity in general. Indeed she has helped rehabilitate many of the animals at our Nature Center, including Tawodi, our broad-winged hawk. When not at Ruffner or crafting fake animal bones, Chivon knits (badly, according to her), she loves to read and enjoys listening to Fleetwood Mac with her two cats, Frank and Pandora, because after a hard day of taking care of animals it's nice to come home to two that basically take care of themselves.