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Anne Balch, Office Manager

Anne hails originally from Birmingham, though judging by her accent (or lack thereof) you’d never notice. Chalk this up to a life of living, working, and playing in just about every corner of North America, from Birmingham to the Sierra Nevada Mountains to New Orleans to Canada, Arizona, and pretty much everywhere else in between—except for Yellowstone National Park. She really, really wants to go to Yellowstone. An avid ultimate frisbee player and rock climber for most of her adult life, Anne possesses a deep connection with the natural world and its textures. And this makes sense, given her professional and academic background as a Materials Engineer, a field in which she holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. As Anne says, “Look around at almost anything you use in everyday life, your smart phone, flat screen TV, even the almost impervious composite materials used to build your deck, none of these things would be possible without the contributions and work of materials engineers.” Clearly she is an individual firmly rooted in the rock-solid real of the natural world, and for this we are grateful. Anne ensures that the nitty gritty of day-to-day work gets done and all of us here at Ruffner stay grounded, even if our head is sometimes in the clouds. We are on a mountain after all.