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Aaron Hathcock, Animal Husbandry Associate

Aaron Hathcock grew up in Tuscaloosa County, near Moundville, Alabama, where he spent a large portion of his childhood raising his family’s goats and exploring the nearby woods. It was in these forests of hardwood and pine that he learned to love the natural world, bugs and reptiles especially. Aaron really, really like reptiles, snakes especially (see photo), and rattlesnakes specifically. In addition to working at Ruffner, he is currently pursuing a B.S. in Biology from Jefferson State, where he is conducting turtle research for the next four to five years under the direction of Dr. Layton of Samford University. He hopes to one day receive his PhD in biology or a similar field. In his free time Aaron enjoys herping, bass fishing, kayaking, playing music, playing soccer, and hiking. He says that he enjoys working at Ruffner because it gives him the opportunity to bridge the gap that can exist between nature and people, all while caring for some of the coolest native wildlife in Alabama. Aaron hopes that one day more people than ever can learn to appreciate and be less afraid of the nature and wildlife that surrounds us all. He lives in Irondale with his partner Chelsea and their three cats Rex, Taco, and Boyfren, their dog Lady, as well as a plethora of reptiles, including an iguana named Juice. Like the snake, his unique markings set Aaron apart from other, less cool native species.