Call for Musicians

Ruffner Mountain is seeking four (4) music acts to premiere original selections at this year’s Night Festival: a Nocturnal Celebration of the Natural World.

We believe that the arts can be a powerful and compelling way to connect individuals to an ecological concept, so we invite musicians of all backgrounds and genres to create music that illustrates those elusive and impactful natural processes that we don’t see during the day.

About Night Festival

Night Festival is an annual celebration of the nocturnal wildlife of Alabama through close collaborations between local artists, musicians, and ecologists. Our inaugural Night Festival last year included pieces submitted by 10+ local artists, three music performances, wildlife talks, guided night hikes, mothing stations, EcoArts activities for kids, and a special menu of nocturnally-pollinated food provided by Revelator Coffee. We estimate that over 300 individuals attended the event throughout the night.

Music components from last year include classical and ambient pieces written and performed by Rachael Jamison, Nancy Lewis, Daniel Long, Anna Thomas (Dès Vu), and Jasper Lee. Long and Boutwell Studios also contributed to a collection of field recordings that were played in the art space throughout the evening.

For pictures and more info on last year's Night Festival, see our blog post and newsletter recap

Night Festival is a registered National Moth Week event.


Musicians will be selected by Ruffner’s Programs Department based upon availability, openness to collaboration, and their commitment to making music that is ecologically themed. Musicians will be grouped with a local ecologist and visual artists to create pieces that are reflective of four (4) different  Alabama habitats at night. All music performances will take place at Ruffner’s Night Festival on July 21st, 2018, among the art pieces displayed in our Nature Center.

Performances must be:

  • Reflective of a native nocturnal animal, insect, or natural event

  • Able to be delivered in an approximately  8'x8' space

  • Under 15 minutes in length; may be more than one selection as long as total performance time is under 15 minutes

  • Finalized by Saturday, July 7th, 2018

Participants must be:

  • Available to perform at Ruffner’s Night Festival on July 21st, 2018

  • Able to cover all equipment needs, including mixers, amplification, cables, and microphones

  • Able to finalize performances, including completed selections, required equipment, and  personnel, by the July 7th, 2018 deadline


The deadline for application is Saturday, February 17th. Please email with questions.


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